Six Figure Hobby

Brad here! After several months of turning my brain into scrambled eggs thinking about this idea, I am beginning a little side hustle. Having a huge interest in writing and documenting my journey i thought, Why not share everything? If i can bring value to at least 1 person in their own journey of bringing in significant income from their hobby, that would make a super happy little chappy! 

So i bring to you Six Figure Hobby, A publication shared via email once per week where i open the doors to everything i learned and continue to learn. I have many ideas on expanding this into a very real and high value newsletter! 

What to expect?


  • Practical business advice tailored for creatives
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses into running a successful creative business
  • Personal journal entries chronicling my ongoing journey
  • Actionable tips you can apply to turn your own passion into profit
  • Insights from others who have succeeded from hobby to business
  • Sharing systems for growth

    Expanding into more as we grow our community

    Keen to see what its about?

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