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PRE ORDER - Cacao with Lions Mane Mushroom

PRE ORDER - Cacao with Lions Mane Mushroom

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Om Cacao: The Food of the Gods Reimagined

Experience the divine alchemy of flavour and well-being with Om Cacao, our wood-fire roasted ceremonial-grade cacao, thoughtfully infused with lion's mane mushroom. This luxurious blend not only carries the moniker "food of the gods" for its unrivalled quality but also serves as a testament to its historic reverence and potent health benefits.

Product Description:

Om Cacao offers a sensory awakening, with each batch embodying the purity of nature and the power of ancient tradition. Our cacao seeds, hand-selected, ethically sourced for their superior quality, are gently wood-fire roasted, a technique that magnifies their intrinsic chocolate notes and bestows a delicate smokiness, reminiscent of the sacred fires of the past.

Elevating this rich foundation is the lion's mane mushroom. Revered in both culinary and wellness circles, this adaptogenic addition provides a cognitive boost, supporting your brain's health and your mind's acuity.

Key Benefits:

  • Cognitive Resilience: Lion's mane mushroom contributes to neurogenesis and has been associated with improved cognition, potentially delaying the onset of memory-related conditions.

  • Natural Stimulant: Cacao is the most powerful natural stimulant available that offers no side effects. Quickly becoming a coffee replacement among many, its something i strongly suggest if you suffer from anxiety and jitters.

  • Antioxidant Abundance: Om Cacao is a powerhouse of antioxidants, providing defence against free radicals and contributing to overall health and longevity.

  • Mood Enhancement: Natural compounds in cacao engage with the body's endorphins, creating an uplifting effect and fostering a sense of happiness.

  • Heart Health: Flavanols in cacao are linked to heart health by helping to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. 

  • Stress Reduction: Cacao contains magnesium, which is essential for relaxation and stress reduction, making Om Cacao an ideal companion for meditation or a mindful break.

  • Immune Support: Lion's mane is not just a brain booster; it also strengthens the immune system, making Om Cacao a smart choice for holistic health. 

    And so much more!!

    Servings per jar - 20 

How to Prepare:

Craft your cup of serenity with Om Cacao by gently heating water to just under a boil. Shave down a 15g nugget of our blend in your cherished mug, pour in the hot water, and stir to create a luscious, creamy elixir. Personalise your ritual with a hint of natural sweetener or a dash of your preferred milk. Enjoy the enriching flavours and embrace the enlightened state of mind that accompanies each sip of Om Cacao—your gateway to tranquility and intellectual clarity.

Embrace Om Cacao—where the ancient "food of the gods" meets the modern quest for a vibrant mind and a rejuvenated spirit. There is no other Cacao super-powered to this premium standard on the market today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Charlene C
Best Ever!

My son and I absolutely LOVE this cacao! Besides making the hot cacao drink, we also love to add it to our morning super smoothies and it is delish! I also add it to my home made bliss balls! When my son moved out of home he took the cacao with him lol, so now I buy the bulk bag and divide it between us :)

Kristy M
Happily surprised!

I really didn’t know what to expect when trying this but after a bit if trial and error I’ve now figured out how to make the perfect cup and I love it! The taste is amazing and I’ve found I’m craving less sweet foods. I’m really enjoying this and will definitely continue buying it. Thanks guys!

Karlee K
Loved it!

I’m usually a 3 cups of tea before 9am type of girl but since starting my mornings with your cacao I’ve been feeling great with way more energy and not feeling like a cup of tea till mid afternoon. Thank you.


The most deishish and great flavoured cocoa that i have tried!! Replaced my coffee and had to order a second box straight away 🤩

Simone Van Blerk
Best Cacao

Love it! Best Cacao I have tried and the lions mane mushroom is just a bonus.