The Pottery Process

I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a simple explanation on the process i go through creating your pots and why it is a long timeframe until you receive your new mugs.

1. Prep the clay & Throw - To ensure it all goes smoothly on the wheel you must "wedge" the clay the ensure no air bubbles are in the clay and it is even texture. After this we throw on the wheel and create the mug body/shape.

2. Trimming - After i throw on the wheel, the pots now need to dry for roughly a day sometimes 8-12 hours on warmer days. This puts the pot in a stage called leather hard and trimming can begin. I will turn the mug over and start shaping the bottom of the mug giving it a foot and trimming excess off the mug body.

3. Handling - Once trimming is complete i will pull a handle out of a small amount of clay and attach to the mug body.

4. Dry out - The mugs need to dry very very slowly to a bone dry state. This can take 1-2 weeks depending on the clay and climate.

5. Bisque Firing - Once dried the mug is ready for its first firing called a bisque firing. Usually it will be fired to around 1050 degrees. Firing will usually take 16-18 hours.

6. Glazing - Once firing is complete we then either hand brush on glaze or dip the mug in a glaze. If your glazing a whole kiln full this typically will take majority of the day. The glaze must then dry.

7. Glaze Firing - The last and most exciting step of all, the glaze firing. We cook your pots to a very hot 1250 degrees. This can take roughly 24 hours until the kiln can be opened.....but i can never help myself and peak which is illegal in the pottery world haha.