Collection: Coffee

Ready to set your senses ablaze, folks? We invite you on a unique, sensory expedition, taking you back to the dawn of coffee roasting – the authentic and warm embrace of woodfire roasting. Welcome to the nostalgic charm of artisanal coffee roasting that’s destined to take Australia by storm!
What makes our wood fire approach so unique, you might wonder? It's the gentle, moisture-rich embrace of the flames that treats our beans with an unparalleled tenderness, guiding them towards an even and complete development. In the hands of the fire, a beautiful symphony unfolds, giving life to a flavour profile that's both robust and well-rounded.
But the real secret to our distinct character? We've joined forces with the masters of the woodfire approach Frothin Coffee, learning their age-old secrets and techniques to curate our own collection of utterly sublime blends! With their wisdom and our passion, we've crafted a fully sick experience that’s as rich and smooth as the coffee it produces. It's more than a coffee, it's a narrative, a tradition carried forward, and a feast of flavours that promises to enthral your senses. You wont find a better at home coffee experience paring our ceramic mugs with our woodfired coffee!